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Free Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator - quickly Accelerate your stuck Bitcoin Transactions is the most powerful FREE bitcoin accelerator and allows you to accelerate BTC transactions by reducing the time taken waiting for confirmations.

Accelerate BTC Transactions for Free

When there's a pending transaction caused by crowded BTC network or low miner fees, you can use TX Accelerator to accelerate confirmation of BTC transaction.

Accelerate your stuck BTC transaction in a few clicks.


By rebroadcasting your btc transaction through up to 15 Blockchain nodes, we can greatly reduce the time where they can get "stuck" in the queue (known as the mempool) during busy periods or where you used a low mining fee.


In the same way that Bitcoin transactions themselves are (in general) private, we also value privacy and don’t ask for registration or personal details from you.


Actually, this site is donation supported, so technically someone is paying for it. That’s why we ask that you don’t use an ad-blocker, otherwise we won’t be able to offer our bitcoin transaction accelerator service.

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